Why You Should Consider Phlebotomy If You Wish To Enter The Medical Field

Phlebotomists, are tasked with the responsibility of drawing blood from patients for transfusions, donations, research and medical/clinical testing as well. Due to the fast paced nature of the position as well as the importance of it, pursuing a career path within this particular position can prove to be highly lucrative. Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you consider the possibility of becoming a phlebotomists if you have an interesting in pursuing a career within the medical community.

Medical Care
medical care

Certification In As Little As A Month
Once an individual has completed a phlebotomy training Riverside County course, they can expect to earn anywhere from $17 an hour to $29 an hour. As such, you may assume that this position requires an extensive amount of schooling as far as the length of the training course goes. However, in all actuality, all that an individual needs to become eligible for employment for this position is a GED and the phlebotomy tech certificate, which can be acquired in as little as one month.

Phlebotomists Are Highly Important
Most people would agree that it is more satisfying to pursue a job position that is considered a career. Everyone wants to feel they are actually doing something to make a difference both personally and for their community. Working as a phlebotomist is extremely critical in nature. Transfusions save millions of lives on a yearly basis. Additionally, blood banks are extremely important to the members of the community as a whole. As such, if you want to pursue a career in which you can make a difference or literally save lives, this may be the ideal way for you to do so.

Viable Option For Entering The Medical Field
Finally, one of the number one reasons you should consider phlebotomy training Riverside County is if, you intend to pursue a different profession within the medical field which requires an extensive amount of schooling. It is not uncommon for individuals who partake in this type of training to eventually become a surgical technologist as well as a medical assistant. This is due to the fact that the pay that’s associated with this position can help to offset the costs that are associated with school as well as the fact that it can help to gain some insight as to what it will be like to work in the medical community.


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